Sara Jordan-Bloch, PhD

Sr. Research Scholar and Dir. of Leadership Research and Programs, Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab

Sara Jordan-Bloch is a sociologist and senior research scholar at the Stanford VMware Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab. She is a core team member of the Voice & Influence program, which empowers men and women to excel professionally and provides them with the knowledge and tools to create organizations where all employees thrive. Jordan-Bloch also leads the Seeds of Change initiative, which aims to provide young women and girls with frameworks, knowledge, and skills to find and strengthen their own voice and to navigate critical transitions such as starting college and entering the workforce. Jordan-Bloch’s scholarly research centers on the intersection of social psychology and education, and current projects include work on: the perception of mattering as a mechanism in teacher-student relationships, the relational context of cohort-based learning, and how gender inequality is experienced and understood during critical transitions for young women. Jordan-Bloch received her B.A. in sociology from Brown University and her Ph.D. in sociology from Stanford University.