About QB25

The QB25 Scholar Summit is the first large-scale gathering of QuestBridge Scholars and Alumni in QuestBridge’s 25-year history. This Scholar Summit will take place on July 26-28, 2019 in San Francisco. Our hope is to celebrate and connect the expansive community of QuestBridge Scholars to each other, and bring together speakers, role models, and resources to promote Scholars’ and Alumni success in early adulthood, college, careers, and life.

From 1994 to 2003, Quest gathered high-achieving high school students from diverse backgrounds to connect, meet role models, and explore the possibilities for their lives: personally, academically, and professionally. These convenings called Quest Leadership – small, five-week, residential summer programs on one college campus – became the heart and soul of Quest.

Since then, we’ve known that bringing people together, in a space of shared trust and growth, can have a transformative, empowering effect on their lives.

In 2003, Quest “pivoted” and launched the QuestBridge National College Match, now our flagship program. Fifteen years later, we have 40 college partners, and over 12,500 QuestBridge Scholars and Alumni within our QuestBridge family.

For several years, we have dreamed of bringing our vast community of Scholars and Alumni together, knowing this would energize and inspire its members like nothing else could. QB25 is that gathering.

QuestBridge Scholars, by definition, are bright and resilient – and each year, thousands attend our college partners, graduate, and enter graduate school and the workforce. We know that each one could benefit from resources, knowledge, tools, and most of all, the support of the QuestBridge community, to help navigate life’s many winding paths.

As a QuestBridge organization, we do not feel we know the “right” life path for any given Scholar – as there are so many exciting and worthy directions to take. However, we do hope that each and every QuestBridge Scholar and Alumni feels equipped and empowered to build the life of their dreams.

Please join us – we would love to see you there!

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