Brandon Thompson

QuestBridge Scholar, UVA '20 Candidate for a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Government

Brandon Thompson is from McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania and is currently studying Economics and Political Science with a concentration in Government. Over the past two summers, he has worked in a business development capacity at Work Hard Pittsburgh, a startup entrepreneurial hub to support the rise of underrepresented populations in technology and digital services and in a UX Design capacity with New Sun Rising, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a web application that would allow other organizations to more strategically invest in areas based off of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. At UVA, he is the current Chair of Hoos First Look, UVA’s first prospective student fly-in program in its history. He also works as a Resident Advisor to upperclassmen students and a Career Peer Educator and Vice Chair of Marketing and Outreach for the UVA Career Center. For QuestBridge, he has served on UVA’s chapter as Community Relations Chair and volunteered as a Group Leader for two consecutive years at the National College Admissions Conference for Yale and Penn.