Yes, you can register for QB25 and only attend for part of the time; we’d recommend planning to attend for at least Saturday if possible. The cost of attendance remains the same no matter what length of time you attend, as QuestBridge is covering the majority of costs and have kept the registration fee low.

QuestBridge Scholar and Alumni involvement is central to QB25. We will be updating our Engage page regularly with various ways to be involved, like volunteering to be a QB25 Volunteer.

We will be launching a QB25 app you can download onto your phone well in advance of the Summit. Please use the app to see who else is attending and to help with your planning. It will also serve as your primary schedule during the Summit.

We will provide you with different ways to connect with other attendees well in advance of the Summit.

Conferences are all about making connections with people, and we hope that QB25 will provide you with ample opportunities to connect with people who share common backgrounds, experiences, and interests. It will also be a valuable way to reflect on your story and growth, and possibly network with others for a future opportunity, so be open to meeting new people – both in and outside of sessions.

The dress code for QB25 is casual, but appropriate clothing. Please use your best judgment.

QB25 is only open to registered attendees who are QuestBridge Scholars or Alumni. If you are traveling with guests, please encourage them to use our resources to explore the Bay Area. Guests will not be allowed into summit sessions.

If you require lodging for you and a guest, you will need to reserve your hotel accommodations separately – it will not be covered for you as a part of the registration fee.